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If you are serious about Diabetes management than you must see Dr. Om J Lakhani. Lots of patients come to us, many of them have been on insulin for a long time and diabetes has not been under control. We have helped countless such patients who have seen several doctors before us and yet the diabetes could not be managed.


Besides this we also focus on use of newer technology in management of diabetes.  Dr. Lakhani has various publication in diabetes management and he is considered world authority on Steroid induced diabetes.


Areas of expertise include: 

a) Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus
b) Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus
c) Insulin Pump in Diabetes
d) Continous Glucose monitoring in Diabetes
e) Steroid Induced diabetes
f) Neonatal Diabetes


Mr. Hemant Mehta

All those who know a little bit about diabetes know that THE specialist for diabetes is an ‘Endocrinologist’. Dr. Om Lakhani is the best Endocrinologist in the city for sure. His knowledge about management of diabetes is at par (or probably better) than international standards. If you are serious about diabetes management then you need to pay him a visit and do what he says. If you are just doing it for passing your time, then you can visit one of those so called ‘Diabetologists’ in the city.

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