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Thyroid & Parathyroid Disorders
There are many intricate aspects of management of Thyroid disorders which are best left to the specialist.  Dr. Lakhani is considered an authority as far as management of thyroid disorders are concerned. 
Parathyroid gland controls the calcium levels in the body. Dr. Lakhani has vast experience in management of Hyperparathyroidism and has dealt with the most complicated and tricky cases in his career. Hypoparathyroidism produces low calcium and Dr. Lakhani is an expert in using Recombinant Parathyroid hormone for treatment of Hypoparathyroidism. 
Thyroid nodules, Goiter and Thyroid cancer are specialty of Dr. Lakhani. Many patients with thyroid nodules undergo unnecessary surgery. Hence it is recommended that such patients consult with Dr. Lakhani before undergoing surgery because surgery can be avoided in many cases. 
a) Hyperthyroidism- Overactive thyroid
b) Hypothyroidism- Underactive Thyroid
c) Thyroid Nodules
d) Thyroid disorders in Pregnancy
e) Goiter
f) Thyroid Cancer
g) Hyperparathyroidism
h) Hypoparathyroidism


Mrs. Geeta Mehta

My husband and myself consulted Dr. Om Lakhani for my thyroid and for his diabetes. We recently bumped into him in Chicago where we was there for a conference. He was kind enough to email us our clinical notes eventhough he was on a holiday which was very useful to us. Very few doctors have deep and intricate knowledge about Thyroid nodules as Dr. Lakhani does. After seeing the ultrasound and FNAC report, he suggest I NOT GO for surgery. And he was right ! Please be aware, if you have thyroid nodule, the first doctor to see is an Endocrinologist and not a surgeon. It seems in India surgeons are only interested in operating and would advise surgery in all nodules WHICH IS WRONG. All thyroid nodules ARE NOT CANCEROUS. We are also thankful to the surgeon in Zydus who recommended we see an Endocrinologist, Dr Lakhani first and not go for surgery directly

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